Bodyweight Circuit Training: The Most Effective Workout You Can Do From Home

bodyweight circuit training

Bodyweight circuit training workouts are hands down the most effective exercise routine for getting in shape fast.

You can burn more fat and calories with an effective 10 minute bodyweight workout over an hour on a treadmill…

…and you will perpetually burn calories after your workout because you’ll speed up your metabolism.

I know, it’s a very bold statement but along with my first hand experience — many of the top fitness experts and personal trainers would agree with me while some still focus on hyped-up cardio heavy workouts.

Yes, those type of workout regimens have their purpose but they are not as efficient as bodyweight circuit training workouts are in speeding up the metabolism and burning fat.

If you want to get in really great shape, do 2-3 rounds of a bodyweight circuit that includes 4-6 exercises that utilize compound movements.

The main keys to making it work is the compound movements used that utilize multiple muscles to complete movement.

A very basic but effective circuit could include pushups and lunges, whereas you would do either a set amount or as much as you can do within a minute.

Let’s say you start with reverse lunges and do 30 or as much as you can do in a minute, and when you complete them you would go to pushups as the 2nd exercise in circuit without a break.

When you switch up different muscle groups you’re using like going from a lower body to upper body exercise, you can keep going since those muscles are not fatigue.

You also give the other muscles a break even though you don’t actually take a break.

I recommend you either use 4-6 exercises in a circuit or you can double up a couple exercises to get started, like the push up and lunges.

Once you complete your 2nd exercise, go back to the first to complete the cycle without stopping.

Once you’ve completed a cycle of 4-6 or double 2-3 exercises like mentioned above you would then take a rest for 1 minute and repeat for 1-3 rounds.

You’ll want to vary the exercises after awhile, especially once you can do a cycle of 4 exercises.

Whether you want be fit and look more attractive — or just lose fat in “problem” areas, bodyweight circuits are more effective than strictly “cardio” workouts and you’ll find your cardio is definitely challenge after 2 to 4 circuits.

Bodyweight exercises that use multiple muscle groups raises your heart rate — and boosts your metabolism through the roof, so your body effectively burns excess fat for energy on auto-pilot!

Some people can desire to look and feel healthy and fit for years and even make some healthy changes to their lifestyle…

…but are still unable to lose any body fat because their metabolism is not raised enough in order to burn off the excessive fat and calories.

While some people are able to stop gaining weight, they still struggle because they cannot effectively burn more calories each day than their daily intake.

Bodyweight circuits utilizing large muscle compound movements can see results much faster without over training and wearing themselves down.

People want to see results fairly quickly because let’s be honest – results motivate us more than anything else. Right?

Bodyweight circuit training is training smarter — not longer.

This will also show you how effective this training is even before you see any changes to your appearance, because you’ll “feel it” in your cardio and throughout your muscles. 

Bodyweight circuit training connects each exercise within circuit methodically without rest for an allotted time period or amount of reps that utilize resistance, agility, balance (core) — and cardio all at the same time.

Do you see how effective this training can be and how it could burn fat and transform your body?

In a nutshell… bodyweight circuits done methodically and correctly helps you become more athletic and fit in much less time compared to other workouts — while increasing your metabolism, which will help you shed unwanted body fat.

Here is a summary of benefits you can experience with an excellent bodyweight circuit training program:

  • All-in-1 workout: Increase balance, strength, flexibility, core strength, and cardio
  • Strengthen supporting muscles and ligaments to prevent and recover from injuries
  • Speed up metabolism and burn fat fast and keep it off
  • Doesn’t damage joints like some workouts – but actually rejuvenates them
  • Efficient way to get a complete and effective workout in much less time
  • Conveniently workout anywhere without equipment or gym membership

You might be thinking that all you want to do is lose weight and don’t need all of this. Well, all of these benefits work together helping you burn excess body fat and keep it off.

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