8 Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Naturally

relax and destrass

Stress can be one of the most harmful factors that can negatively affect  your health. These stress relief tips are some of the best ways to you can actively relieve your stress and anxiety naturally without taking drugs and experiencing harmful side effects.

As you’ll see, many of these tips can be incorporated together how you see fit to experience more relaxation and release from stress and anxiety. Most importantly, be consistent and continue to pursue a stress free life daily and you’ll see a dramatic improvement.

If you’re tired of being stressed out and worn down by anxiety, and possibly panic attacks, make sure you practice each tip for greater peace and reduction of emotional stress.

1. Stress Relief with Meditation & Deep Breathing

Meditation is the deliberate and conscious practice of entering into a state of peace and calmness.  There are different approaches to meditating, but an effective way of decreasing the stress and anxiety you’re experiencing is to focus first on releasing stress you are feeling mentally and physically.

You have to put yourself in a relaxing position, close your eyes and focus on identifying what is weighing you down and deciding to release it with each exhale.

Deep breathing combined with meditation can be very effective. Even deepening and slowing down the breath by itself can physically relax your body and release the tension and tightening of the chest that many people with anxiety experience.

Simply take a slow deep breath through the nose and then imagine and feel the stress being released from your body as you exhale slowly through your mouth like as relaxed sigh. Just let go of the stress and heaviness you’re feeling with each exhale.

Allow yourself to shift your state by mindfully releasing stress from your head, face, neck and the rest of your body. It’s amazing what we can do when we stop the monkey brain, and take control.

2. Gratitude – Be Grateful


Being thankful can simply turn your focus from dread — and any negative thoughts of circumstance you’re experiencing — to positivity.

Gratitude starts with the choice of being thankful and when you feel gratefulness or appreciation for something or someone, it is difficult to feel the negative feelings of dread, lack, and fear.

An attitude or state of gratitude shifts focus on what you are a happy
and thankful for instead of what is making you miserable. Research
studies have shown that negative thinking is harmful to brain tissue,
while gratefulness can cause an area in the brain to produce dopamine,
which makes you feel good.

Your nervous system can be in only one state at a time, either the stressed out state of sympathetic nervous system or of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is state that is composed and calm.

Keep aware of your attitude along with how you are breathing. Are you breathing freely or is your chest constricted? Once you build an awareness you can can shift from one state to the other quickly in time.

The more you practice gratefulness the more your subconscious mind can make it a habit — but a good one! Stress and anxiety will reduce while you experience a healthier and more satisfying life.

3. Positive Attitude for a Positive & Peaceful Life


When you are already in a state of stress being grateful can help you make that shift in mood, but it is also very important to reframe your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Monitoring your self- talk along with guiding yourself respond to negative thoughts can help train your brain to intercept those thoughts – then reframe to a healthier perspective.

If you can train your brain how to process thoughts in positive way, you can then determine how your mind, and body will feel – as well as how you will act from whatever perspective you hold.

Retraining your brain by first focusing on positive thoughts and self talk about yourself as well as your circumstances can change your subconscious mind.

Laughing and smiling is part of being positive and choosing to have a positive perspective can shift your state to not only a happier one but healthier one as well.

Research has proven in different studies that laughing can provide a variety of health benefits, which in turn can relieve stress. The increase of endorphins is a direct response to laughter that can result in stress relief.

Just like anything we become good at or develop as a habit with practice, better coping skills can be developed and become more natural through consistent practice.

4. Frequent Physical Exercise

Exercise produces endorphins in the body, which causes a positive feeling and helps release tension and stress. Exercising also increases the flow of oxygen to lungs and which will counteract the constricted feeling in the chest  that people feel when they’re “stressed out”.

Both resistance and cardiovascular exercises can produce a variety of health benefits, which in turn bring increased blood flow, muscle relaxation and a noticeable reduction in stress. Resistance exercise has been proven to produce endorphins at an even faster rate than cardio type exercises.

Bodyweight exercises combined in short circuits that incorporate all major muscle groups can give your muscles a great workout as well as increase stamina, core strength, and cardiovascular health.

The effectiveness of this workout can in turn reduce stress and its effect on the body. Swimming laps and doing weight training circuits are other workouts that can give you the variety of benefits listed above, which bodyweight circuit training can give you.

5. Eat Properly and Take the Right Vitamins

Your body functions best when it can heal and restore itself with a proper diet with a good balance of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in fiber, and antioxidants. In addition, reducing processed food that your body doesn’t process properly and are stored as toxins, can cause you to feel sluggish and stressed.

Vitamin B complex has been proven to reduce Adrenal fatigue by supporting the adrenal glands with the essential nutrients it includes. When adrenal glands work as they should, it helps the body respond to stress.

Some health professionals also recommend vitamin C to be taken as well with B Complex to assist in supporting both the nervous and immune system, which can help the body in producing energy — and help relieve effects of stress throughout the body.

6. Get Deep and Relaxing Sleep

deep sleep

When you sleep well you are better equipped to deal with stress. When you do not get enough sleep you are more prone to feeling “stressed out” and worn out. You experience this feeling because your adrenal glands are not producing hormones in your body properly when you lack quality sleep.

Going to bed before you feel overtired and giving yourself at least 8 hours of quality sleep can help your body restore and heal itself. The more you deprive yourself of quality sleep, the harder it is for your body to function normally.

7.  Release Stress with Massage Therapy

Massage directly relaxes tight muscles, ligaments, and joints, and can improve the body’s functions by reducing the physical tension your body experiences. In addition, deep tissue and lymphatic massage can dramatically improve your blood flow and release harmful toxins, which are stored in the muscles.

Finding and experienced and licensed massage therapist can make the difference in how beneficial the session will be to help in releasing stress. Massage in itself is very relaxing, but an experience massage therapist can more accurately treat you and detect problem areas that you may not be aware of yet, or how to take care of without their expertise.

8. Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

The most effective and relaxing way to utilize Essential Oils to reduce stress and experience other health benefits is to inhale them. Using an Essential Oil diffuser is one of the most beneficial ways to evaporate the natural oils so they can be effectively breathed in to stimulate relaxation and relieve stress.

Some of the essential oils that are specifically recommended for relief of stress and anxiety are Chamomile, Lavender, Frankincense, and Bergamont. You can also purchase blends of oils that contain properties that are effective for relieving stress.

Massage oils that contain essential oils is another way to get therapeutic benefits that you can consider but the is the easiest way to utilize natural essential oils.

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